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Pointerry - a new look at shopping. Benefit for both the seller and the buyer - it is possible!

What is Pointerry?

We have created an application that will allow you not only to get rid of a huge number of discount cards in your wallets, but also earn bonuses which you can use later to pay your orders. We do not simply scan discount cards. Our big advantage is that we bring the element of the game into ordinary shopping. Share with a friend, earn points and the opportunity to increase your discount up to 100% - easy and profitable!

Pointerry launches a Pointy token.

Why is it awesome?

Pointy token is an awesome payment option in our app. You can use it to pay for any service or good from our partners. Thus, we expand the possibilities of cryptocurrency. We bring it to the real world.

Finding new places becomes fun and exciting!

And the recommendation of your favorite institutions is also a profitable hobby!

Favorite places

Sharing your favorite places with friends is not only pleasant, but also very profitable!


You can customize the application completely to your interests and desires!

Mobile app

We support almost all modern mobile devices

Video about us!

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Our team


Ilya Postanogov

Founder. CEO.

Born in 1985. Programmer and economist. Has been developing websites since 2002. Since 2011 he worked in the field of online payments in the position of manager and in the position of financial director afterward

Anton Ivanov

Founder. Head of Development Department

Born in 1983. Software developer and architect. Has been developing hi-load systems since 2000. Since 2007 he worked in the field of micro transactions and online payments

Daria Postanogova

Sales Department in Russia

Born in 1992. Economist. Founded a successful SPA salon and coffee shop

Alexey Syrvachev

Head of Legal Department

Born in 1984. Certified lawyer. Extensive experience in the banking sector. Since 2014 he has been engaged in private law practice..

Yaroslav Sabitov

US sales department

Born in 1986. International Economic Education. Knows 5 languages. An experienced account manager with ten years of experience in the field of online payments and e-commerce in international companies.

Sergey Nadolsky

Head of Design Department

Born in 1993. Industrial designer since 2012. Experienced in web design, computer graphics and UI / UX development.


Everything new and interesting that happened recently.

iOS app release

iOS app released! Go ahead for discounts and bonuses!

Free coffee at "Star Coffee"

Pointerry and Star Coffee launch a joint campaign. Download the Pointerry app, make any purchase at Star Coffee and get 30 bonus points as a gift! Get 10 points for each subsequent coffee, tea or cocktail drink!

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